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Exit 4 printing is a DVBE certified company.

DVBE is an abbreviation for Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise and is a special federal designation when a company is run by a disabled veteran.

About the DVBA according to their website:

"The State of California established the Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) Program under Public Contract Code §10115 and Military and Veterans Code §999 to primarily help DVBEs compete more effectively for a portion of those dollars, and to promote self-reliance for California’s disabled veterans by establishing a goal of awarding 3% of all state contracts to certified DVBEs. This law offers veterans the opportunity to gain experience in business while sharing their expertise with the citizens of California.

The Disabled Veteran Business Alliance was formed in 1994 following the establishment of the DVBE Program by the California legislature in 1989. Its mission was—and remains—to assist California state agencies to meet the DVBE procurement goal, which is currently 3% annually. For the first twenty years, all California certified DVBEs (1,700+) have been members of the Alliance, supported at no cost to the disabled veteran business owners, who “already gave at the office” by their sacrifice in uniform.  As success of the program has mounted, a paid member category has been established to underwrite broader support of DVBE business initiatives nationwide.

Every day, more of our brave men and women of the armed forces are returning home from conflicts overseas with injuries that may result in permanent disabilities. The Alliance’s aim is to support member businesses and disabled veterans as they endeavor to establish and maintain a high quality of life via business ownership after service to their country.

The Alliance obtains most of its financial support from generous sponsorships by corporate America. These corporations also participate in the Alliance CAB. Created in 2002, the CAB began by helping California’s Investor Owned Utilities (“IOU”) learn about the DVBE Program, work together and solve problems, and provide contracting opportunities between IOU and DVBEs."

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